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Use aql standard or my own standard ?

A common issue many buyer face is “should I use my own standard or should I follow the international standard?”

What is AQL standard?

The Acceptable Quality Limit, commonly referred to as AQL, is a method widely used to measure a production order sample to find whether or not the entire product order has met the client’s specifications. The customer then has the data to make an informed decision to accept or reject the lot.

Your inspection report will clearly state if your production has passed or failed your selected AQL.

In the inspection industry it is quite common to use international standard for inspection. Aql is widely used because when producing a high number of product it is difficult to mitigate between inspecting a maximum of pieces to reduce the risk as improbability against being cost effective.

Of course the best way to perform quality inspection is to inspect the whole batch aka 100% inspection, however considering the cost it may involve it might not be always suitable to do so.

We offer both possibilities : 100% full quality inspection or inspection by sampling.

Now there are several ways to perform sampling. Some follow the instruction if mil std 105e, other like to inspect according to their own way e.g inspect 5% of the total good.

Which one is more efficient , at this stage it is hard to give a proper opinion.

So far, we know that most manufacturer use the aql with mil std 105 e to perform their inspection, so normally buyer should path this way to do it.

What about you ? Which methodology do you use ?

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