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    What is the C-TPAT Audit in China and Asia

    The C-TPAT Audit also called Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, is a supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection focused on improving the security of private companies’ supply chains with respect to terrorism.

    Our qualified inspectors freely survey the security and business courses of action of your business accomplices. We go on location and get the data you have to guarantee C-TPAT consistence.

    It aims to verify the capacity of your potential new supplier in Asia to adhere to the C-TPAT code of conduct.

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    Why use the C-TPAT Audit in China and Asia

    In the context of globalisation and international competition, many companies source labour-intensive goods from developing and newly industrialized countries. However, working conditions in these countries often do not comply with basic labour standards, such as those established by the International Labour Organization (ILO). To address this issue, many companies and associations have created individual codes of conduct and monitoring systems.

    The proliferation of individual codes, varying audit procedures and diverging approaches, has resulted in audit duplications within the same factory. This leads to unnecessary efforts, confusion about requirements, lack of transparency, lack of accountability, and higher costs for companies and their producers in risk countries.

    BSCI works to tackle these challenges by offering a broad platform for cooperation.

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    When the C-TPAT Audit in China and Asia is occurring

    This Supplier Evaluation usually takes place during the sourcing phase, after you have spotted a potential supplier to manufacture your goods and before you send money to them as deposit. It is normally performed during the sorting phase (qualification phase) of suppliers during the sourcing.

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    Where the C-TPAT Audit in China and Asia is taking place

    The CTPAT Audit will takes place at the vendor premises. If your source is a manufacturer it will be made at the factory premise. If your supplier is a trading company there are chances that the auditor get invited to perform its audit at the manufacturing area which they cooperate with for production.

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    Who conduct the C-TPAT Audit in China and Asia

    The C-TPAT Audit will be performed by a C-TPAT qualified auditor having being auditing for this purpose for several years.

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    How does the C-TPAT Audit in China and Asia is performed

    We perform supply chain security audits against all Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT global and regional requirements.

    A qualified auditors assist organizations to assess and enhance security measures throughout their supply chains and ensure compliance with security requirements.

    For those supplier who are not perfectly qualified with C-TPAT standard, we have the option to perform and establish corrective action plan and follow up which would be implemented to tend becoming more compliant with the standard and with the finality to be certified. This extra work is performed during a Quality Consulting mission which may last several months.

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    What the C-TPAT Audit in China and Asia is checking

    Below are the elements we are checking during a C-TPAT Audit:

    • Outside Barriers and Physical Security
    • Factory Internal Security
    • Factory Employee Security
    • Shipping Dock Security
    • Key and Seal Controls
    • Security Processes
    • Container and Merchandise Movement
    • Computer Systems Security and Controls

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    What is the process for the C-TPAT Audit in Asia

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