Supplier Audit Service in China & Asia

Evaluate your supplier before being engaged financially

Factory Audit in China & Supplier Evaluation in Asia


Do you know that most of companies who experience issues with their productions didn’t audit or even visit their supplier before placing order ?


  • Verify the reliability of your supplier before getting engaged financially!

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    Our Factory Audit in China and Asia help you to verify the reliability of your supplier before placing order and sending a deposit to them. It allows you to have a first taste of how your potential future partner is organized in terms of quality management, quality assurance, corporate social responsibility, environmental friendliness, security and even more.

    With our supplier audit solutions in China and Asia you can be sure to decrease the risk related to appointing the wrong vendor for your order.

Why perform a Factory Audit in China or Asia ?

  • With the arrival of the Internet age it has never been so easy to source for potential suppliers around the globe. Nevertheless, if Internet give a wide access to numerous sources, best ones are also mixed with worst ones. The payment terms system in Asia mostly involve to pay a deposit of 30% of total amount of the order to start the mass production. Because those amounts can be substantial, you may want to make sure your are sending money to the proper supplier.
  • You don’t not want to discover after on, that the contact you have sent money to for starting an order has simply disappeared with it, or is not capable to manufacture your product properly as it should be because it has limited resources, because it works with your direct competitor, has a bad financial credit situation, is employing kidseapable to disappear with your money as soon as he will receive it).
  • Our audit service in China and Asia, which aim to verify genuineness, capability, seriousness, financial strength, and social compliance of your potential new partner are designed to cover all those aspects of the risk management when you are performing your sourcing operation. By performing a factory audit in China, a vendor evaluation or a supplier assessment in Asia before engaging time, money and energy with your new vendor, you significantly reduce the risk of loss.
  • We have different audit type which each cover different area of those risks. You can decide to operate a full background check or only part of it depending on your goal and your budget. Our services start at usd 288 for a basic supplier evaluation lasting one day. We invite you to compute yourself how much is the amount of the deposit you are going to engage to realize that 288 USD is only an extremely small percentage of this amount and that this small percentage can drastically reduce the risk of getting engaged in risky situation.
  • It is important to audit regularly your existing suppliers to make sure they are still conform to the image you had from them the first time you engaged business with them. In Asia, more than anywhere else, companies are changing quickly and what they are capable of today in term of manufacturing capability may not be true 6 months later.
  • If you plan to work with a big retailer (Carrefour, Walmart, Costco, Target, etc…), there is high chance they require their supply chain to be compliant with their code of conduct and ethics. If manufacturer of the product is not in compliance with it, you may be yourself affected and loose credibility face to your important client, may be even being black listed.
    Our corporate retail audit are second party audits performed to prevent your supply chain to be affected by no compliant suppliers. Assessing your suppliers before you start supplying big retailers is important in this sense. It is especially useful to prepare final audit led by those big firms in order to make sure your suppliers will pass the exam to be accepted as manufacturer in the supply chain of those big retailers.

See our Factory Audit Services in China and Asia

  • Off Site Evaluation

    —  The cheapest way to investigate a supplier
    • Have one of our expert to give you their opinion about your potential vendor
    • The most affordable way to assess a supplier
    • Ideal for beginner and small companies
  • Basic Supplier Assessment

    — The affordable solution to audit physically a supplier
    • Verify your supplier onsite for more reliability
    • Affordable cost
    • Well adapted to small order
  • ISO 9001 Type Quality Audit

    — In-depth quality audit
    • Solid supplier audit
    • Complete audit following ISO 9001 standard
    • High reliability audit