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Everything you need to know about Socks Quality Control

Socks are a cloth that has been worn for centuries. According to history it originated from early Greece and was designed to provide warmth on the feet. In the ancient times, socks were a roll of woven cloth bandaged around the legs. There are many types of socks used for casual, sports and medical purposes. They are available in many colors, sizes, and materials and make your foot relaxed and warm.

Socks quality control service is mandated to ensure we wear quality product thus it runs socks inspection service checking all stated factors, through the manufacturing process. Quality socks customer gives the AQL i.e. Acceptable Quality Limit and Quality Assurance section considering the AQL of product to play its part and achieve the AQL. At every process of the production, Q.A staff checks and allow for more process if it is within the range of AQL.

General process of quality control consists of:

1. Ensuring the Quality of raw material

Today most socks are made from cotton. Other variants cotton can be blended with either wool or silk material in which the blending is done specifically. Ensuring socks quality inspection checks all the materials to be used whether its cotton alone or blended the material has to be the correct quality. Raw materials are washed, spun into yarn and colored at a factory.


Factors of materials to be check in

  • Fabric nature
  • Ply alignment
  • Slackness
  • Bowing
  • Splicing
  • Grain Line
  • Shade variation
  • Selvedge alignment and tightness
  • Fabrics width
  • Checks
  • Static electricity

These factors are ensuring and monitoring the correct issuance of materials against required quality standard of customer.

The determination of socks appearance and durability is thread used and stitching done.  Socks inspection also has to ensure the machines for use are non-faulty and capable for the job.

There are wide variety and number of test performed by the Quality Assurance Department to make customer satisfied according to their requirement.

2. Yarn Inspection

When the yarn is received in the factory, quality department checks the yarn for its better results. Yarn occupies the in-between position in the manufacture of socks from the raw materials. Yarn results are therefore important, both for estimating the quality standard of raw material and for controlling the quality of socks that been produced. The important characteristics of yarn being tested are count.

  • Hairiness
  • Strength
  • Yarn twist
  • Yarn friction and abrasion
  • Yarn cone moisture
  • Yarn torque
  • Yarn appearance on blackboard (Grading for its appearance)
  • Elongation (For synthetic yarn)
  • Tenacity (For synthetic yarn)
  • Blending Ration (Fiber composition test for synthetic yarn)


The yarn then comes to large yarn spools. A multitude of needles then knit the plentiful threads into few numbers of interlocking loops. These loops circle formed the tube of woven material used in manufacturing socks. For the best possible fit and ease, each individual clothing part and size are made on individual stitching machines with different diameter needles. High-tech computerized sock knitting machines work at very fast speeds and can easily be programmed to produce a wide variety of socks.

3. Color tests

  • Shade test on spectrophotometerquality-control-socks-inspection-services
  • Color fastness to washing/laundry
  • Color fastness to water or chlorinated water
  • Color fastness to rubbing
  • Color fastness to perspiration/sweating
  • Color fastness to light

Further tests are stability tests of socks including:

  • Dimensional stability tests after number of washes
  • Heel stretch test
  • Foot stretch test
  • Size test
  • Piling and abrasion

Next the socks will go for chemical testing inspection-services-socks-quality-control-china

  • Ionic in character
  • O% purity
  • It’s solubility
  • % of softener applied on the socks

Last but not least, are material consumption test

  • Raveling test

Main defects for Stockings

Any defect/deviation observed by knitters or by quality control staffs during quality rounds is immediately informed to the technicians, who will look into the defects. The machines remain stopped till the defect/deviation is rectified. If some parts of the pattern are missing, probably because the marker did not contain the correct number of parts.

There are also mixed parts of pattern probably because the maker is not correctly labeled, resulting in the marriage of the wrong size of socks. These socks are also checked while they are on the boarding machine. Any socks that are not up to the quality standards are removed. The socks then go for pairing and at this stage are again checked before they are approved to go to the packaging department.

socks quality control inspection services


After the socks have passed an extensive quality control process they are ready to be packed following to client specifications. Packaging is as important as the sock itself and all aspects are specified and confirmed:

  • Wrap band, banderols, header cards, etc.
  • Stickers (barcode, price, etc.)
  • Hooks/hangers
  • Polybags
  • Cartons
  • Pallets


After the socks/boxes are packed, there is a final random check of 5% of the boxes. This is done by the QC personnel who are trained to act like they represent the buyer.

Finally, a good sock should not just absorb sweat but also allow it to dispense perspiration through the material toward the outer surface (a method called “wicking”). This is important so that the foot remain dry and sweat evaporates before smell-producing bacteria have a chance to start spreading on it. Nowadays, creative and innovative designers are dedicated to designing comfortable socks that look great and stylish for all.

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We are a team of Quality Control and Quality assurance Expert specialized in Product Inspection , Factory Audit, Quality Consulting, Testing and Certifications in China. Our Quality Control company has decade of experience in Quality inspection in China and aim to secure your productions and import operation all over Asia. Feel free to contact us here.

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