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Everything you need to know about Skirts' Quality Control

Skirt by definition is an apparel worn to cover girls’ and women’s waists-to-legs. It has been an important clothing for women since primeval era. In fact, skirt is considered as among the earliest garments used by women and men.

The apparel which was previously a part of both genders’ clothing has now become a fashion designed specifically for women.

Since skirt is manufactured in massive, quality control is needed to ensure it performs its function accordingly and in the condition it should have been.

skirt quality control inspection servicesSkirt’s quality is mainly determined by the features and conditions of the fabric, colour, sewing, and sizing aspects.

Quality control for skirt will be carried out by the process that involves skirt examination from any abnormalities specified by manufacturer to meet certain quality standards.

Asia Quality Control inspectors follow the process flow explained below depending on at which step of the production they inspect: Raw Materials, Initial Production, During Production and at the Pre-shipment.

In general, the process flow of quality control for skirt includes:

1. Fabric Inspection

Skirt can be made of many different types of fabrics such as cotton, wool mix, silk, chiffon etc. Sometimes, there is a combination of two or more fabrics to make a skirt. Thus, before making a skirt, it is crucial that we carry out fabric inspection to ensure that no defect is found on the fabric. Among the defects quality inspector will have to detect at this step are:

  • skirts quality control inspection servicesShade inconsistency
  • Hole
  • Tear
  • Color – to make sure the fabric color is similar to specification and color dyes and combinations are correct

Quality inspector will also check the strength, quantity, and bayous of the fabric.

2. Sewing Thread Inspection

One of the common issues in a skirt or any apparel production is that the sewing thread breaks through fabric during the sewing process. The problem can be due to the unsuitability of thread to be stitched with its paired fabric.

It is important that inspection on the thread structure, sew-ability, thread color, thread firmness, the length of thread, thread amount, and the number of thread rotation are carried out to avoid problem during sewing stage.

 skirts quality control inspection services

3. Trims and Accessories Inspection

Trims are any material sewed with textile in order to produce an apparel. For the skirt production, quality control on trims is done by inspecting any defects related to buttons, stitches, notches, zippers and any other material that is used to produce skirt. Defective trimmings will be rejected from the production process.

Accessories are any item used to add saleable value to garments such as hanger, tag, bag, and clip. Quality inspection is held to detect any defect on the accessories, whether the hanger is broken, size tag is missing, or the bag is torn will all be excluded from reaching out the selling market.

4. Marker Making Inspection

Skirt can be less quality if there is marker defect on the garment. Marker making is a method to define the pattern layout of fabric, size distribution and style of garment. It is thus, important to make sure that skirt pattern is marked and the label is check for accuracy. Pattern, dimension, and the fabric width and length should also be inspected to ensure correctness.

5. Spreading Inspection

Quality controller should take action in eliminating spreading defects by ensuring that:

skirts quality control inspection services

  • Spreading is done based on width and length of the marker
  • Alignment of textile is correct on both width and length sides
  • Fabric is not spread too loose or tight
  • Fabric is spread properly to avoid excess use of the textile
  • Fabric layer is spread accurately

6. Cutting Inspection

Cutting of garment is part of the important process in manufacturing. Skirt will be formed by the cutting process and thus, control has to be taken in assuring that:

  • Dimension of the skirt pattern and cutting fragments are the same
  • Edges of the cutting fragments are clear and smooth
  • No blending problem from the parts combination
  • Cutting on notch mark is accurate
  • Drill mark is positioned and sized correctly

7. Sewing Inspection

Sewing process is the most upscale parts of skirt production. It is essential that quality inspection is carried out by taking into account the common defects that normally occurred during sewing process and to take corrective measures so as to reduce the problems that could adversely affect the skirt quality.skirts quality control inspection services

An exhaustive list of common defects on skirts:

  • Sewing: Broken needle; broken threads; seam pucker; missed, uneven, improper and/or wrong stitches
  • Seaming: Width is uneven; faulty stitch line; stitch is facing the wrong side; shade inconsistency
  • Assembly: Size inaccuracy of finished skirt; size is incorrect for certain parts of the skirt; incomplete design pattern; joining the wrong parts; inaccurate lining measurement
  • Finishing: Water spilled; oil stain; burn spot on skirt; color shaded; missing trims

8. Size Inspection

Once we get the finished product – skirt, the next step is to check on the sizing of the skirt. Quality inspector must make sure that the size of the skirt is in accordance with the requirement and similar to the size label. Some sizing defects, quality inspector should take note of are:

  • Wrong size gradation
  • Different parts of the skirt have different sizes

9. Packing Inspection

 skirt quality control inspection serviceThe ready skirt is once again checked for any final defects before it could be packed into its packaging.

It is necessary that the skirt is packed accurately in the right packaging and the number of skirts to be filled in one packaging should also be inspected so that no shortage or further damages occur when packaging is too cramp or too many empty spaces left in one package.

Asia Quality Control services include the possibility to ensure your Pre-shipment inspection for verifying the very last details of the production process.

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We are a team of Quality Control and Quality assurance Expert specialized in Product Inspection , Factory Audit, Quality Consulting, Testing and Certifications in China. Our Quality Control company has decade of experience in Quality inspection in China and aim to secure your productions and import operation all over Asia. Feel free to contact us here.

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