When it comes to produce in Asia one of the most concern is to receive proper products

Whereas most of importers focus their attention on the manufacturing aspect of the importation, many just forget that a proper production can be ruined by a bad transportation. We of course all have in mind those images of container fell into the sea and in this case the insurance cover the goods.

But what happen if when opening your container you find out the quantities are less than expected (by having some cartons partially filled or simply missing for example) or if products are damaged. Who is at fault and who are you going to claim for ? Your manufacturer or your freight company? In such situation it may happen they back and forth each other about whose fault it is. The vendor will claim he loaded properly the goods into the container and will claim the freight forwarder didn’t transport the goods properly. I have personally seen some agent employees opening cartons and serve themselves with goods as taking gift in full impunity.

What happen if when opening your container you discover that half of your cargo is damaged due to wrong or improper container filling (do you have any idea with which care a worker from a factory in Asia care about the product of their western client?) or wrong transportation. What happen if you discover that your goods or your packaging are damaged with water coming from the rain.

If you doubt about your supplier reliability in delivering with agreed quantities then we recommend to verify what are the quantities effectively loaded into the container against the packing list and purchase order.

Securing loading methodology

The best way to insure your goods are loaded properly and with care before leaving your vendor is to be on site to witness and verify how the goods get loaded an. To Secure cargo transportation

you can perform a Cargo transportation Supervision in China or Asia

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