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  • Can you recommend some reliable suppliers?

    Unfortunately not. Asia Quality Control doesn’t perform sourcing or purchasing activity. Data supplied by our customers are fully confidential. We audit and inspect thousand of factories and suppliers every year but those are the results of our customers sourcing and ethically we respect their work (investment in making those suppliers research) . We remain fully out of the sourcing process, hence we can not disclose any source and we can not provide any help to find some suppliers.

    Can I update my booking before the inspection

    Yes you can instruct to update your booking till the day before the inspection 5pm. You can cancel and change your inspection until 24hours before the quality inspection.

    Why should I work with Asia Quality Control instead of others

    There are more and more inspection company and it may be difficult to choose one to help you supporting your quality control and quality assurance activity. By working with us you will enjoy full reliability, flexibility and scalability. We guarantee you the best value for money with our affordable services and allow you to enjoy having your quality control department in Asia without having fixed cost.

    We know how important quality of service matters. Try us, you will not regret your choice. See our customers testimonials.

    When do I receive my inspection report

    We try our best to deliver quality inspection report the same day of the inspection, however we commit to deliver within 24 hours after the end of the inspection. We provide with pre-result just at the end of the inspection. If you need express service to get your result faster, we can accelerate the delivery of the report, there is just a small extra to pay for it.

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