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Have your quality staff on-site to monitor your production

“Have your own quality staff on-site monitor your supplier during the production”

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  • What

    What is the Production Monitoring Service in China and Asia

    The Production Monitoring in China and Asia is a Production Inspection operation which is performed when at least 10% of the production is started and less than 80% is over.

    It aims to monitor and keep an eye on your production directly on-site with an inspector acting as your QC staff.

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    Why use the Production Monitoring Service in China and Asia

    When you discover after having placed an order and sent your deposit to your supplier that he has overpromised on his capacity and when you worry that your supplier doesn’t have the capacity to handle his production properly, then perform a Production Monitoring in China and Asia  by allocating a surveillance on site can be a good strategy to avoid your order turn into nightmare. You anticipate issue at the early stage and you put someone on site to take care of your order.

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    When the Production Monitoring Service in China and Asia is occurring

    In term of production consideration, the Production Monitoring takes ideally places when the production is between 10% and 80%. So that it covers the main part of the production and eliminate risk during the most critical part of the process.

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    Where the Production Monitoring Service in China and Asia is taking place

    The Production Monitoring will usually takes place at manufacturer premises, where the manufacturing takes place.

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    Who conduct the Production Monitoring Service in China and Asia

    The Production Monitoring will be performed by an experienced professional inspector specialized in the field of your product expertise.

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    How does the Production Monitoring Service in China and Asia is performed

    During a Production Monitoring the inspector will stay on the production line monitoring both worker and product which are manufactured.

    He will constantly turn around the production line to spot potential cause of issue and will notify the manufacturer about the corective action plan to implement to make the order successfull and on time.

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    What the Production Monitoring Service in China and Asia is checking

    During a Production Monitoring we conduct a quick general inspection of your product including product itself, packing and packaging. We will also check how the products are manufactured.

    We will check carefully the manufacturing process of your product:

    – quantity status (ready, unpacked, still in production)
    – sample comparison if any present on site at the inspection time
    – product appearance and specification (color, dimension, marking, weight, logo, etc..)
    – packaging appearance and specification (printing, marking ,dimension, weight, thickness, etc…)
    – on site test (function test, abuse test, carton drop test, internal test, assembly check etc…)
    – root cause of issue
    – corrective action plan implementation

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    What is the process for the Production Monitoring in Asia

    The Production Monitoring require preparation, briefing about your products and understanding of each manufacturin step. Do so, our operational quality team has to prepare quality control protocol before sending the inspector on site. A briefing is also performed with the inspector before him/her to go on site.

    Once on site, the inspector will analyze the way the product is manufactured and will identify risky position affecting quality.

    We require our customer to let us know enough in advance their requirement for us to be able to prepare all necessary document and briefing.

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  • Benefits

    • QC watchdog on site
      Have your own qc staff on site to monitor production
    • Assist your supplier in solving issue
      Add our solution as a production support
    • Help your supplier to improve
      Invest with long term vision
    • Get a daily reporting
      Track your production
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