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  • What

    What is the 100% Full Quality Inspection in China and Asia

    The 100% Full Quality Inspection in China and Asia is the safest inspection existing as it covers the whole production batch. Here the inspection methodology is not based on statistic methodology and not based on random selection  but on checking every single product one by one. Particularly used for large scale quality inspection operation, it aims to act as a firewall or quality gate to avoid defectives products to be potentially shipped. It is used for large scale quality control and sorting.

    Where the Defective Product Service focus only on a particular type of defect, our 100% Full Quality Inspection make sure your products are perfect on every aspect, we also perform testing them internally for function test all one by one.

    It aims to act as a filter for defective and noncompliant products

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    Why use the 100% Full Quality Inspection in China and Asia

    If your goods have high value and if your Chinese or Asian supplier is not sharp enough when performing his quality control procedure, then for the public you are servicing, you can be sure your defective rate will be not low as your quality standard is high, which in turn expose you to potential issue.

    For a manufacturer, being sharp during quality control process also means to waste more material, and involve more workmanship time than it should be, hence it decrease its profit. For this reason, manufacturers are time to time tempted to be less strict concerning the quality of their production.

    In the case where you can not fully trust your supplier enough to make the quality control job sharp enough and if your product are large scale production, it may be appropriate to perform a 100% full quality control before shipment to identify potential defectives products, to segregate them or to repair them.

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    When the 100% Full Quality Inspection in Asia is occurring

    In term of production consideration, the 100% Full Inspection takes ideally just after the supplier finished the production and before the goods to be loaded in container.

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    Where the 100% Full Quality Inspection in China and Asia is taking place

    The 100% Full Quality Inspection will usually setup in our infrastructure dedicated for quality control in China. If your production is performed in another country than China, we may evaluate the possibility between performing the inspection in a dedicated place of your supplier premise or in one of our partner infrastructure.

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    Who conduct the 100% Full Quality Inspection in China and Asia

    The 100% Full Quality Inspection will be performed by a quality inspector or a group of quality inspectors having a significative experience in the industry which your product is from.

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    How does the 100% Full Quality Inspection in Asia is performed

    During a 100% Full Quality Inspection the quality inspector will inspect all the goods one by one, will sort out and will make repair on the sport the one that didn’t pass the QC.

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    What the 100% Full Quality Inspection in China and Asia is checking

    The inspector will spot every kind of defect and potential issue, will sort out products according to those defect and will make them repair. The inspection will establish record and statistics about what was found (how many defect found, on which product and according to which criticity)

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    What is the process for the 100% Full Quality Inspection in China and Asia

    The 100% Full Quality Inspection requires the inspector(s) to be briefed a minimum about your product specification and quality standard, for this we require 48 hour prior notice. For large scale order we also need to set up some space to welcome your products in our dedicated area.

    Your products will be transferred from your supplier place to our secured area, will be unpacked, then one by one all your products are passing in front of your quality inspector which check and test your product, after what they are repacked.

    We require you to let us know enough in advance the date of the 100% Full Quality Inspection.

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  • Benefits

    • Eradicate Defectives from production
      You keep only acceptable goods
    • Get objective and neutral sorting hand
      We are not involved in financial result of production
    • Diminish your defective rate to 0%
      Don’t let any defect get pass trough
    • Increase your brand image
      Satisfy your client with 100% proper goods
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