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Raw Material Inspection Service Description

  • What

    What is the Incoming Material Inspection Service in China & Asia

    The Incoming Material Inspection also called Raw Material Inspection Service, Pre-Production Inspection or even Incoming Quality Check (IQC) in manufacturing environment is a Quality Inspection operation which is performed before the production start and after the raw materials have been purchased and delivered to your supplier premise.

    The Incoming Material Inspection aims to verify quality an conformity of materials and components used to manufacture your products.

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    Why use our Incoming Material Inspection Service in China & Asia

    Quite often, quality issue comes from raw materials selection, switch of raw material quality or standard.

    Knowing that 80% of a product cost comes from materials, suppliers are often tempted to substitute materials by cheaper ones so that they can save money and increase their profits.

    Smart buyers understand the necessity to control manufacturing at the source to avoid quality issue related to improper raw materials selection.

    Because the Incoming Material Inspection is performed before the production, not only it allow you to verify the conformity of the raw material used to manufacture your product but it is also the good time to pick some samples of those materials to perform product testing.

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    When the Incoming Material  Inspection in China & Asia is occurring

    In term of production timeline, the Raw Material Inspection Service should ideally take place as soon as the incoming materials have been purchased by your manufacturers to his own sub-suppliers, have been delivered to its factory premises, and before the production (raw materials transformation and processing) actually start.

    It is recommended to let know your supplier that inspection of raw materials will be performed so that they will not start producing without your acknowledgment, hence it also gives you the opportunity to ask your supplier to replace improper raw materials in case of need.


    Where the Incoming Material Inspection in China & Asia is taking place

    The Incoming Material Inspection will usually takes place at manufacturer premises, mostly in its incoming warehouse where the raw materials are usually stored waiting for processing.

    We conduct Incoming Material Inspection in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc…

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    Who conduct the Incoming Material Inspection in China & Asia

    The Incoming Material Inspection will be performed by an experienced professional inspector specialized in the field of your product expertise. They have at least 3+ years of experience in inspecting and monitoring production in manufacturing environment

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    How does the Incoming Material Inspection in China & Asia is performed

    During an Incoming Material Inspection the inspector will track the flow of incoming material coming from outside the supplier premise. He will attempt to follow the path from the sub-supplier till the processing to verify which materials are effectively used. Lot number observation, invoice verification, and certificate of conformity may be proofs that can be collected by the inspector to establish traceability of material. He will verify the materials used are the one required by the buyer. On-site tests may be performed to verify the materials are the one expected.

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    What the Incoming Material Inspection in China & Asia is checking

    During an Incoming Material Inspection we  perform a product inspection verifying raw materials ready to be used by the manufacturer are according to your request. We may also verify several documents which are related to procurement, conformity (CoC), authenticity. Quite often we will try to track down where the materials are coming from and how they got purchased: when, where, by who, from who.

    The inspector will also study how the incoming material are controlled and inspected when they arrive at the factory, in which condition they are stored before being processed.

    During the Incoming Material Inspection the inspector will also make a very quick review of supplier premises.

    What we particularly check:

    – Quantity status (stored on site and estimation if the current stock is enough to produce the required quantity)
    – Sample comparison if any present on site at the inspection time
    – Product appearance and specification (color, dimension, smell etc..)
    – Marking on packaging of raw materials
    – Documents related to delivery


    What is the process for the Incoming Material Inspection in Asia

    The Incoming Material Inspection require preparation and briefing about your products. To do so, our operational quality team has to prepare quality control protocol before sending the inspector on site. A briefing is also performed with the inspector before him/her to go on site.

    We require our customer to let us know enough in advance the information they have about the incoming material we should inspect for us to be able to prepare all necessary document and briefing. Ideally, it is better to send a reference sample so an easy comparison can be done during the inspection.

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    Production completion status

    Probability shipment delayed if reworking needed

    Probability supplier accept reworking the goods

  • Benefits

    • Make sure your raw materials are genuine
      Prevent supplier using recycled raw materials
    • Prevent quality risk related to material switch
      Control quality issue at the root cause
    • Inspect at the earlier to correct issue ASAP
      Spot issue before the production start and correct without delay
    • Pick sample to analyze material used for production
      The best moment to analyze what your product is made from
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