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Service Description

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    What is the Pre-Shipment Inspection Service in China & Asia

    The Pre-Shipment Inspection in China and Asia  also called Final Random Inspection, Pre-Shipment Check or even Final Quality Control (FQC) in manufacturing environment is a Product Inspection operation which is performed when at least 80% of the production is over.

    It aims to verify quality of production before loading and shipment of the goods, and especially before the balance payment of the goods you are purchasing to be done.

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    Why use the Pre-Shipment Inspection Service in China & Asia

    Cclaim compensation to your supplier might be hopeless once your payment is done and goods are shipped. Therefore, the Pre-Shipment Inspection in China and Asia   is an ideal checkpoint tool to protect you against paying for defective goods.

    Because the Pre-Shipment Inspection is performed rather at the end of the production, then the inspection is conducted on a wider spread set of product. Hence, the sampling performed at this stage of the production is necessarily more representative of reality (whole batch) than when performed via a During Production Inspection or an Initial Production Inspection.

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    When the Pre-Shipment Inspection Service in China & Asia is occurring

    In term of production consideration, the Pre-Shipment Inspection takes ideally places when the production arrive at its end because the more products are over the more reliable the sampling among those whole product will be. However, the methodology  accept a minimum of 80% of the goods to be finished to performed a Pre-Shipment Inspection.

    In term of timing, it is usually recommend to perform the Pre-Shipment Inspection at least 7 days before shipping  the goods into container, which in this case gives enough time for buyer to take decision to either pay and ship or to hold the goods in order to negotiate discount or to ask for reworking.

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    Where the Pre-Shipment Inspection Service in China & Asia is taking place

    The Pre-Shipment Inspection will usually takes place at manufacturer premises, in vendor warehouse or more exceptionally at logistic freight forwarder warehouse.

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    Who conduct the Pre-Shipment Inspection Service in China & Asia

    The Pre-Shipment Inspection will be performed by an experienced professional inspector specialized in the field of your product expertise.

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    How does the Pre-Shipment Inspection Service in China & Asia is performed

    During a Pre-Shipment Inspection we select randomly some products among the whole batch ready to be inspected. Cartons and products are fully randomly selected.

    After a global review of the product and its specification, some standard tests are performed and customer requirement are executed.

    Then the inspector will start inspecting all one by one every product selected during random selection to record every defect found on the current sampling, listing each defects by class in order to establish statistics related to the AQL.

    During the Pre-Shipment Inspection the inspector will also make a very quick review of supplier premises.

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    What the Pre-Shipment Inspection Service in China & Asia is checking

    During a pre shipment inspection we conduct a general inspection of your product including product itself, packing and packaging.

    Each product type got his own set of checking, however on a standard base most of the checking we perform include without being limited to:

    – quantity status (ready, unpacked, still in production)
    – sample comparison if any present on site at the inspection time
    – product appearance and specification (color, dimension, marking, weight, logo, etc..)
    – packaging appearance and specification (printing, marking ,dimension, weight, thickness, etc…)
    – on site test (function test, abuse test, carton drop test, internal test, assembly check etc…)

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    What is the process for the Pre-Shipment Inspection in Asia

    The Pre-Shipment Inspection require preparation and briefing about your products. Do so, our operational quality team has to prepare quality control protocol before sending the inspector on site. A briefing is also performed with the inspector before him/her to go on site.

    We require our customer to let us know enough in advance their requirement for us to be able to prepare all necessary document and briefing.

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