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    What is the Initial Production Inspection in  China & Asia

    The Initial Production Inspection also called Initial Quality Control  First Article Inspection  or even Initial Production Quality Check  (IPQC) in manufacturing environment is a Product Inspection operation which is performed when up to 20% of the production is over. It is used to verify instruction and specification are well understood by your supplier.

    It aims to verify quality of manufactured goods at the earliest stage of the manufacturing of your products. Hence implementing corrective action plan as soon as possible in order avoiding waste of time later on.

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    Why use the Initial Production Inspection in China & Asia

    When your order is in rush or tight in term of timing face to your customer demand to be delivered quickly, then you know you can not afford any unexpected issue on production because your margin timeframe is so tiny that reworking an entire production of goods at the end of the manufacturing process to make it proper would shift your shipping date too late .

    Because the Initial Production Inspection is performed at the earliest stage of the production, in case a reworking or correction would be needed, then only the 20% of already produced goods would need to be reworked while the 80% remaining would already enjoy an efficient correction. So, catching issue at the beginning would allow you avoiding wasting time in the end.

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    When the Initial Production Inspection in China & Asia is occurring

    In term of production timeline, the Initial Production Inspection takes ideally places when the production just started: when the first units are produced and when no more than 15-20% is over.


    Where the Initial Production Inspection in China & Asia is taking place

    The Initial Production Inspection will usually takes place at manufacturer premises, on their production line or in their final inspection area.

    We can perform Initial Production Inspection operation anywhere in Asia

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    Who conduct the Initial Production Inspection in China & Asia

    The Initial Production Inspection will be performed by an experienced professional inspector specialized in the field of your product expertise and who always worked on implementing corrective action plan on manufacturing.

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    How does the Initial Production Inspection in China & Asia is performed

    During an Initial Production Inspection we randomly select manufactured products among the ready made production. Cartons and products are selected among those 20% of production made.

    After a global review of the product and its specification, some standard tests are performed and customer requirement are executed. Then the inspector will start inspecting all one by one every product selected during random selection to record every defect found on the current sampling, listing each defects by class in order to establish statistics related to the AQL.

    The inspector will record what should not be done on the line so that the supplier can implement correction and corrective action plan as soon as possible during the production. The inspector will also make a very quick review of supplier premises.

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    What the Initial Production Inspection in China & Asia is checking

    During an Initial Production Inspection we conduct a general inspection of your product including product itself, packing and packaging. Each product type got his own set of checking, however on a standard base most of the checking we perform include without being limited to:

    – quantity status (ready, unpacked, still in production)
    – sample comparison if any present on site at the inspection time
    – product appearance and specification (color, dimension, marking, weight, logo, etc..)
    – packaging appearance and specification (printing, marking ,dimension, weight, thickness, etc…)
    – on site test (function test, abuse test, carton drop test, internal test, assembly check etc…)

    We also check quickly the situation of raw materials and estimate the real production capacity on the production line


    What is the process for the Initial Production Inspection in China & Asia

    The Initial Production Inspection requires preparation and briefing about your products. To do so, our operational quality team has to prepare quality control protocol before sending the inspector on site. A briefing is also performed with the inspector before him/her to go on site so he can fully understand your product and its manufacturing process.

    We require our customer to let us know enough in advance their requirement for us to be able to prepare all necessary document and material.

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  • Benefits

    • Make sure your production starts well
      Prevent your supplier going in wrong direction
    • Prevent quality risk related to manufacturing
      Control quality issue at the beginning of the process
    • Inspect at the earliest time to correct issue ASAP
      Spot issue at the beginning of the production to correct issue without delay
    • Pick sample to test your product
      The best moment to test and certify your product
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