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Product Inspection in China

Product Inspection in China is the activity related to inspecting products at the beginning, during or at the end of the mass production. It is usually carried on at manufacturer premises.

Whereas Supplier Audit activity focus on quality assurance (organization, technical capability, production capacity, social compliance, good manufacturing practice),  during a Product Inspection in China or Asia we mainly focus on the product itself: conformity, appearance, test, packing, packaging, dimension, weight, marking, accessories, weight, etc…

Production inspection in China and Asia occupy a substantial part of our activity as we get specialized in inspecting productions against client’s specification.

Product inspection is essential when it comes to consider that being overseas you may not necessarily be able to fly yourself to your manufacturer place to check the mass produced good before paying them.

We propose to inspect goods at different time of the production depending on the goal of the operation.

Whereas most of buyer inspect goods at the end of their production to verify and validate the quality of their goods before shipment and payment, smart and strategic buyers also inspect their goods and their material at the beginning of the manufacturing in order to catch issue at the early beginning to avoid delay in shipping.

When it comes to consider quality and compliance (via product testing for certification purpose) of a product you may consider to verify which raw materials are used to manufacture them in order to avoid a failed testing.