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“Witness how your goods are transported and unloaded between your manufacturer and the carrier”

Service Description

  • What

    What is the Cargo Inspection in China

    The Cargo Supervision also called Cargo Inspection Services is a Logistic Inspection operation which is performed during the Shipment your goods into the Cargo. It particularly concern heavy building product or frames which necessitate help of a crane.

    It aims to witness how goods are carried, and in which conditions.

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    Why use the Cargo Inspection in China

    Sometimes issues and problems don’t come from manufacturing process but from logistic and transportation. When a production is perfect but loading or carrying  is improper and destroy your product, at destination the result is the same: goods are unsaleable.

    Fault may come from improper carrying process due to operator inattention. For example if during the loading in the Cargo, some of your goods are poorly fasten or hit another one, it will damage your good. On this base, supervising how your product are carried is essential to witness who the potential fault would come from.

    Our Cargo Inspection report can help you to claim some fault during loading to your manufacturer or to your operator to ask for compensation.

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    When the Cargo Inspection in China is occurring

    In term of logistic consideration, theCargo Inspection takes ideally places during the pick up of the goods by operator and loading in the Cargo.

    We require you to let us know enough in advance the date of the pick up so that we can be on site on time.

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    Where the Cargo Inspection in China is taking place

    The Cargo Inspection will usually takes place at the port your goods will be shipped

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    Who conduct the Cargo Supervision in China

    TheCargo Inspection will be performed by an inspector having a significative experience in Cargo Supervision operation

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    How does the Cargo Inspection in China is performed

    During a Cargo Inspection the inspector will remain on site during the full loading process.

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    What the Cargo Inspection in China is checking

    The inspector will record everything happening to the cargo loading and the leaving of your products.

    It particularly check :

    • How the product are loaded in the Cargo
    • Real quantities loaded into the Cargo
    • Carriage condition
    • Lifting Condition

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    What is the process for the

    Cargo Inspection in China

    The Cargo Inspection requires the inspector to be on pick up site at the right moment, so that he can review the cargo to be loaded before the loading to start and be present during the loading.

    After a quick review of the goods to be loaded, the inspector will verify the quantities present against packing list. During the loading, the inspector will verify and supervise the way the goods are loaded into the cargo.

    Pictures are taken to witness those operations

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  • Indicators

    Transportation completion status

    Risk diminishing estimation

    Probability your shipper handle responsibility in case of damage goods

  • Benefits

    • Monitor your cargo during loading
      Identify who is responsible for damage
    • Keep power on your freight forwarder
      Have a proof to face your forwarder
    • Discover how your goods are loaded
      Constraint your forwarder to transport in better condition
    • Make sure the quantities being loaded
      Count the products being loaded
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