Logistic Inspection in China & Asia : Cargo Survey, Transportation Supervision

China Cargo Inspection and Container Survey

  • Verify transportation condition

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  • When you order goods in Far East the process of feeding your supply chain is mostly made of three parts: sourcing, manufacturing and shipping.

    Although the two first one can be the source of numerous problem, the last one is also a potential root cause of receiving improper products which get damaged during transportation between manufacturing premise and your destination point.

    Our logistic inspection in China and Asia is focusing on issue which may appear during transportation. Only a few of them:

    • Products improperly packed or loaded and getting damaged during transportation
    • Container with hole, leaking and letting rain to destroy your carton, packaging and products
    • Container overloaded crushing carton
    • People damaging product by letting them fall down during loading
    • Improper quantities in your container or pieces missing

    All those issue are related to logistic and this is what our container loading and cargo transportation inspection are covering

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