Quality Inspection Services in China & Asia

Keep control on your production quality

Inspection Services in China and Quality Control in Asia

When purchasing from Asia, there is nothing more critical than keeping control on the situation

  • Verify the quality of your productions before paying your supplier


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  • Our Quality Inspection Services in China and Asia help you to verify how your production is going on, how is the result of what you are expecting to obtain, what your product is made of, if the production is on time, how your goods are shipped, to monitor your production, and to sort out defectives product.

    With our quality control solutions you can be sure to decrease the risk related to quality during manufacturing in China and Asia

Why inspecting ?

  • Inspecting your goods before shipment is important because unless you success to make your supplier accept you to pay part of the bill after shipment, you have no other way to keep power on the situation in case things go wrong with quality. Based on the fact that most of Asian suppliers require 100% of their payment before shipment, then performing inspection of goods before full payment is your only security to obtain what you want. Usually, once the bill is paid, your chance to be seriously listened and heard are near to zero.
  • Inspection service in opposition to audit service and testing service mainly focus on mass production aspect and finished product quality as a direct visible result. Typically, quality inspections in China and Asia are mostly performed between the beginning of the mass production and the shipment of the goods because this is mostly during this time frame that quality issues occur.
  • Asia Quality Control offer a set of inspection services in China and Asia acting as quality control check points during the production in order to reduce risks related to quality. Buyer can decide according to its need and budget which check point is the most suitable to be implemented. Our quality inspections in Asia are, unless specifically requested by customer, following the international standard ISO 2859 MIL STD 105 E /ANSI ASQC Z1.4.

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  • China Incoming Material Inspection

    Incoming Material Inspection

    — Verify materials
    • Verify components of your products
    • Pick components for product testing
    • Verify conformity of materials

    The Incoming Material Inspection (IMI) is an ideal tool to make sure the right components, materials and parts are used by your manufacturer to produce your final goods.

  • China Initial Production Inspection

    Initial Production Inspection

    — Check production at the earliest
    • Catch quality issue as soon as possible
    • Save time by by avoiding delay
    • Avoid endless bargaining with supplier

    The Initial Production Inspection (IPI) is perfect to verify the quality of your product at the earliest stage of the production and allow to implement as soon as possible corrective action for mistake and misunderstanding.

  • China During Production Inspection

    During Production Inspection

    — Quality risk vs Production Delay
    • Verify your production at 50% completion
    • Catch problem early
    • Don’t wait to see your goods

    The During Production Inspection is a well balanced inspection between already finished and good and remaining one allowing to still take action for sorting and reworking before the end of the production.

  • China Pre-Shipment Inspection

    Pre-Shipment Inspection

    — QC watchdog before shipment
    • Make sure your product is conform to your expectation
    • Verify the quality of your product
    • Tie QC result to final payment

    Pre Shipment Inspection in China and Asia (PSI) aim to verify your good quality before loading and shipment. Ensuring that production complies with your requirement and specification, PSI is also an ideal checkpoint tool to protect you against paying for defective goods.

  • China Production Monitoring

    Production Monitoring

    — Have your Quality Control staff onsite
    • Have your QC staff to monitor your production
    • Spot issue and implement correction
    • Make sure your production is on time

    The Production Monitoring (PM) place a quality inspector straight on the production line to monitor what your supplier and worker are doing. The inspector will report daily the status of the production both in terms of production follow up and for corrective action implementation.

  • China Defective Product Sorting

    Defective Product Sorting

    — Eradicate defects from production
    • Remove defectives from your production
    • Screening of your product one by one
    • No recall anymore

    The Defective Product Sorting (DPS) services will place an inspector at the end of the production line to operate the QC job that your supplier should have done. On this base every product is screened one by one and you don’t ship defectives.

  • China Container Loading Supervision

    Container Loading Supervision

    — Verify the quantity and loading
    • Make sure the right quantities are loaded
    • Verify what is loaded
    • Make sure it is loaded properly

    The Container Loading Supervision will verify what product is loaded into your container, in which quantities, and how the loading is performed.

  • China Cargo Transportation Inspection

    Cargo Transportation Inspection

    — Safe Transportation
    • Keep eyes on your good during transfer
    • Verify who pick your goods
    • Witness transportation condition

    The Cargo Transportation Inspection allows to follow your goods between your manufacturer premises and the loading into cargo to witness whether your good are dealt properly or not

  • Full production inspection in China and Asia

    100% Full Inspection

    — Eliminate Quality Risk
    • Remove defectives from your production
    • Screening of 100% of your product one by one
    • No recall anymore

    The Full Quality Inspection (FI) is performed at our partner QC platform area where all your goods can be inspected one by one, so that you make sure your goods are fully in conformity with your expectation and don’t rely on statistical methodology only.