Quality Management Plan in China: Five (5) Success Tips to Asia Manufacturers

Informative Guide to Quality Excellence in Manufacturing

Quality Management Plan in China: Resulting to Higher Effectiveness and Efficiency

Quality Management Plan in China denotes from high efficiency and effectiveness of the process, manpower, materials and time. Efficiency is the amount or number (output) of products produce over all the inputs in producing goods, effectiveness is the capability of producing desired output, this are important factors of manufacturing process in China which lead to Quality Inspection Excellence . Here are some tips in attaining Quality Management Plan in Manufacturing Plant:

1. Pre-inspection of Raw Materials upon Receiving

raw materials inspection if a steel manufacturing company in chinaPre-inspection of raw materials upon receiving
 play an important role in Quality Management Plan. From the very beginning of production which is the receiving of raw materials up to the final output quality is being implemented. Raw materials receiving is a crucial part of production wherein Quality Auditors inspect the raw materials in two aspects: Quantity or the accurate counting of raw materials assessment to packing list with purchase order number  and Quality or the conformance of raw materials to company standards. The development of Quality Inspection Checklist that may vary to company standards is a big help in implementation of an incoming materials inspection in China. The result of outstanding quality inspection in receiving area implies a big impact to production, since no substandard materials are being used in actual production. Receiving Report (RR) with the following details : Details of Materials, Name of Quality Auditor, Date Received, Container Number, Purchase Order Number (P.O #) and Overall Quality Remarks (good, reject or class B). Receiving Report can be done by batch, per box or per pallet.

2. Deployment of Skilled Auditors to Conduct Quality Inspection

Deployment of skilled auditors to conduct quality inspectionfood inspection in baking industry in china in the field could lessen the risk of producing defective products. Auditors must have proper training and hands on experience on the field of Quality Inspection in China that may depends on the nature of the manufacturing company. For example, a food manufacturing company should deploy quality audit personnel with experience in food inspection,  formulation, chemicals and classification. Proper training and hands on experience together with auditors reliability in quality inspection, hard work and pro active is a great factor of Quality Inspection Excellence in China.

3. Accountability of Quality to Workers or Employee (Quality Control Circle)

Quality Control in China is not a one man team task  it composes of different people from different department of simply called as Quality Control Circle (QCC) as key part of Quality Management Plan in China. The implementation of QCC gives the accountability to every member of the organization to perform high quality job and to produce quality outputs. A QCC team in China have a structure and strictly follow one (1) representative for every department to avoid excessive ideas for brainstorming. Too much ideas could lead to confusion and unorganized flow of information. Manufacturers in China which implemented QCC having high quality outputs in every process or stage of the product.

Quality Management System in China

4. Rewards System of Workers or Employees for Quality Compliance

Rewards system of workers or employees for quality compliance is a big part of quality management plan in china. Of course, after a long period of work in providing Quality Excellence in China rewarding the employees for the participation of China Quality Inspection is like giving back for employees hard work to maintain producing quality goods. Rewarding the employees by simple recognizing his/her excellency in task in quality. In some cases manufacturers in China giving rewards in terms of money, company products, promotion, certificates and recognition. The rewards system in China may depend to the resources of the firm, if the firm doesn’t have enough resources to give rewards to employees. By simply recognizing his/her personally for his hard work is enough.

5. MUDA or Waste Reduction

The Quality Management in China is efficient and effective through the adaptation of “Toyota Lean Manufacturing” or the elimination of manufacturing waste. The elimination of manufacturing waste which lead the lower cost with highest productivity in manufacturers in China. The seven (7) manufacturing is as follows:

Quality Control Management in China - MUDA System1. Overproduction – producing to much quantity of goods than customer demands.

2. Inventory – raw materials, work in progress or finished goods which not adding value to goods.

3. Waiting – people, process or machine which is not utilized to complete a work cycle.

4. Motion – unnecessary  or excessive movement, transportation or people or machines within a process.

5. Transportation – unnecessary movements or transportation between processes.

6. Rework or Defect – correction, repetition of goods or process.

7. Over Processing – processing beyond the given standards of the customers.

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We are a team of Quality Control Specialists specialized in Quality Check, Vendor Verification, Quality Consulting, Tests and Certifications in China. Our Quality Inspection company has decade of experience in the field of Product Quality Check in China and aim to secure your trading operation all over Asia.

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