Quality Inspection During Production in China: A Need?

During Production Inspection in
China: A Quick Guide to Asia Manufacturers

Quality Inspection During Production in China or “DUPRO” decreases the chances of producing rejects, defects and un-conformance goods from the manufacturing plant. It increases the quality of the process since early points for corrective measures are identified. It also gives the buyer an idea of the average quality on the early stages of the production process.

Why Inspecting?

Rejects could be costly both in terms financially and timely. Conducting inspection during production and quality inspection in producing goods could be a preventive measure to prevent damage of goods, waste of raw materials and waste other inputs. A rework will consume most of the company’s resources but a 100% defect-free production is almost impossible.

To address problems and defects before it reaches alarmduring process inspectioning number:

  • Occasional issues could be addressed to prevent further production problems
  • Production schedule could still run normally while few items are reworked

Corrective Action Plan should be available when a problem is detected to maintain the continuous flow of processes. Through this step deliveries will not be returned when items were found to be defective and possible logistics cost will be prevented.

Proper documentation and quality inspection should be done to ensure that the quality problems will not occur. Actual production volume should also be monitored to avoid delays on the final shipment of the items.

What to Inspect?

During this early stage of production process in China; quality inspectors are particular with the appearance or physical state of the products. Size and measurements, accessories, weight, color, functionality, labels, logos and packaging are closely food inspection chinamonitored. Ex. In a Food Manufacturing Plant, the food inspection requires to closely monitor the packaging, appearance, formulation of ingredients, color, texture, smell and weight. Different products requires different inspection and qualities. The Products for export and import get the same quality inspection to produce the same quality of goods. Generally the specifications of products or goods are the basis of its conformance to quality, based on American Society of Quality (ASQ) by Philip Crosby the definition of Quality is “conformance to requirements”.

In some cases of quality inspection in China, samples might also be brought to a laboratory to be tested base on some specifications such as viscosity tests or leak tests. These samples will represent a batch of the

When to Inspect?

During Production Inspection in China should be done at different instances during production to correct and check the quality of outputs being produced. Different inspection should be adapted at certain circumstances, these are:

To catch problems early:

To verify Quality before Inspection

  • Final Random Inspection – inspection after production of goods randomly
  • Container Loading Inspection – inspection in loading for delivery or container

Different inspections are available since During Production is not enough. It should be followed by a final random inspection, to confirm quality.

How to Inspect?

Quality Inspection in China regarding “Dupro”should be done depending on the needs of the company. Production size and specifications are factors to be considered.Different Sampling methods are needed to apply some are:

final random inspection chinaRandom sampling

Each part of the population have an equal chance to be selected but it is hard to perform when population is too large resulting to bias decisions. This type of sampling is the basic of sampling thus could be use in other complex sampling methods.

Systematic sampling

Also called as the Nth name selection technique where required sample is calculated and then chosen from the members of population often called “sampling frame”. Once the end of the population or list is passed, the progression returns to the top.

Stratified sampling

Reduces sampling error through the use of stratums. The population is divided into different groups or often called as “strata”. Final subject is proportionally chosen from the stratums.

Convenience sampling

One of the non-probability sampling methods that are selected to get a gross estimate of the results, without incurring the cost or time required to select a random sample. Population for this sample are often chosen because of their availability and proximity to the researchers.

Judgment sampling

Inspector relies on his or her own understanding or judgment when choosing the population which may result to biases. Stratum and their proportions are identified as they are represented in the population then convenience or judgment sampling is used to select the required number of subjects from each stratum.

Snowball sampling

Used when the desired sample characteristic is rare. It may be extremely difficult or cost prohibitive to locate respondents in these situations thus referrals are used by the researchers. The referrals roll like a snowball until enough data are gathered to be useful in the study.

Quality Inspection During Production in China is an essential factor towards the success of a company. The earlier a problem is determined, the less damage will be created that could be lead to company lost and cost. It is also important to conduct inspection in early stages of production since it will avoid rejects from being released into the consumers and the credibility of the company is protected.

Hope this article was useful to you. If you have any question about Quality Inspection During Production in China and Asia, fell free to post a comment or contact us by clicking the link below.

We are a team of Quality Control Specialists specialized in Quality Check, Vendor Verification, Quality Consulting, Tests and Certifications in China. Our Quality Inspection company has decade of experience in the field of Product Quality Check in China and aim to secure your trading operation all over Asia.
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We are a team of Quality Control Specialists specialized in Quality Check, Vendor Verification, Quality Consulting, Tests and Certifications in China. Our Quality Inspection company has decade of experience in the field of Product Quality Check in China and aim to secure your trading operation all over Asia.

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