Factory Certification Preparation in China and Asia

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Manufacturing Certification Preparation

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Service Description

  • What

    What is the Factory Certification Preparation in China and Asia

    The Factory Certification Preparation in China and Asia is a quality consulting service which aims to prepare organization to optimize the chance to get certified against different standard. It can be ISO 9001, ISO 14000, SA 8000, BSCI, WRAP, ISO/TS 16949, Nike, Costco, WalMart, Tesco, Disney, Target, etc…

    It aims to help manufacturers and vendors to reach a certain standard in order to increase the chance to success when the certification body will come on site for auditing.

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    Why use the Factory Certification Preparation in China and Asia

    As a manufacturer or vendor, if you care about credibility to acquire new customers, you probably know that getting certified is way to demonstrate your capability to reach a minimum of standard. It can be related to quality management, social compliance, environment, or good manufacturing practice. Some standard are quite strict and require a substantial extra work which is determinant to be able to pass the certification.

    Manufacturers who are constantly focused on production may not have time or skills to take care of implementing what is necessary to optimize their chance to pass the audit.

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    When the Factory Certification Preparation in China and Asia is occurring

    The Factory Certification Preparation occurs several months before the accredited body come at factory to audit and certify the company. It is recommended to forecast at least 2-3 months in advance so that corrective action plan can be implemented. The consultation can be spread on several month and week to verify that corrective action plan is properly implemented.

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    Where the Factory Certification Preparation in Asia is taking place

    The Factory Certification Preparation will usually takes place at manufacturer premises where the preparation will be operated.

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    Who conduct the Factory Certification Preparation in China and Asia

    The Production Monitoring will be performed by an experienced professional inspector specialized in the field of your product expertise.

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    How does the Factory Certification Preparation in China and Asia is performed

    Usually, it starts with performing an audit of the company and/or the premises to put down all the point which are not compliant with the standard. The consultant will audit the company following the standard and will take note of every point to improve to reach the standard.

    A meeting and debriefing is hold with the management of the company to review the points which need to be improved.

    Then, a corrective action plan is established by the quality consultant in order to correct every point which may make fail the audit by the accredited body.

    The correction action plan is implemented in the company by working hand to hand with the management of the company (this step may take several days and months).

    A follow up is performed to verify the corrective action plan is effectively implemented and reach the standard.

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    What the Factory Certification Preparation in China and Asia is checking

    During aFactory Certification Preparation we check everything related to the standard you want to get certified to.

    Every bullet point is specific to the certification which is required.

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    What is the process for the Factory Certification Preparation in Asia

    The process is very specific to each standard. We don’t process the same way for a social audit than for an environmental audit. Roughly, the process is always to use an analysis of the cause of failure, correction to perform and implementation.

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