Toy Testing in China and Children Products Certifications

Check the compliance of toys and children's products with your market

Lab Testing for Toys & Children Product

What is special with Children Product & Toy testing in China

  • Toys & Children Products are sensible in the way that final user are young persons. On this base their body are particularly fragile and vulnerable to any threat. On this base, quantity of potential harmful components in products which are in contact with them can affect them more than an adult.
  • Toy testing Service in China and Asia

    • Others criteria such as mechanism, and other small pieces which can be disassemble and then become harmful by being swallowed are also considered.

    Law and regulation for those items are strict and there is a reason for it. Toy Testing in China and Children Product Certification especially include lab testing. The most common test for Toys and Children products are:

    • EN71
    • ASTM
    • CPSIA
    • ISO8124

    And many more

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