Softline Testing and Certifications in China & Asia

Verify the compliance of your softline product with your market

Softline Testing and Certifications Services

Softline products are probably the most common used items today. Fully present in our life, around 85% of the whole textile manufacturing is operated in Asia (particularly in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia).

With recent case of big brand supplying with dangerous and carcinogenic textile product law and regulation for those items are more than ever strict.

Softline Testing and Certifications in China especially include lab testing of :


    Softline testing services in China

    • Yarn
    • Fabric
    • Apparel and Garment
    • Footwear
    • Luggage and Bag

    The most common test for Softline products are:

    • Oeko-Tex 100
    • AATCC
    • ASTM
    • EN AZO Free
    • Color Fastness
    • Formaldehyde Test
    • Nickel Release
    • Dimensional Stability (Shrinkage)
    • Fiber Identification & Composition
    • Flammability

    And many more

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