Electrical Appliance & Electronics Testing in China & Asia

Make sure your electronic and electrical products are compliant with your market

Lab Testing for Electronics & Electrical Appliance

What is special with Electrical Appliance & Electronics Testing in China and Asia

If you already work with us for Quality Inspection, Factory Audit or Quality Consulting operation, we then can assist you with product testing management by handling to send your product in an ISO 17025 accredited lab who will perform testing and certification (if the test is pass).

  • Electronics testing service in China

  • A list of Common Test for Electronics and Electrical Appliance are listed below:

    • ASTM
    • CPSIA
    • FCC
    • Rohs
    • UL
    • ISO / IEC
    • GS
    • Physical Tests
    • Reliability Tests
    • CE Testing: EMC+LVD
    • HI-Pot Test
    • Heavy Metal Tests
    • Material Composition Analysis
    • Aging Test

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