Product Testing and Certification Services in China & Asia

Test and Certify Products in China and Asia

Product Testing in China & Asia

Since consumer safety and environment preservation become at the center of the global debate, product compliance and certification have never been so serious than now.

  • Our Product Testing in China and Asia help you to verify the compliance of your product against standards before placing shipping them out from your manufacturer facilities and before paying them. It allows you to verify that your product is produced by your manufacturer according to what it should be to obtain certification for your market.

    With our Product Testing Services in China and Asia you can be sure to decrease the risk related to no compliance of your product with your market regulation.

  • Verify the compliance of your product before shipping!

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Why perform Product Testing in China and Asia ?

  • Product testing Service in China


    • From scandal of chemical into textile at Zara till finding of lead in paint of Mattel trough killing toothpaste being sent in Panama, consumer safety topic can not be avoided when talking about manufacturing and distribution activities. In most countries the law stipulates that importer are liable for any case of taking people into dangerous situations via noncompliant products. Rarely, when it is not never, the Asian based manufacturer is worried by overseas law and regulation because foreign law are not enforceable easily into Asian countries.


  • Out of the law issue, the image one is also an important point which you should consider. This is never pleasant to see the name of your company associated with compliance scandal. On this base, if you are the one importing or distributing asian manufactured products, in order to protect your image and your business, testing and certifying your products before shipping them at destination should be consider as mandatory to protect yourself against getting sued by consumers and damaging your brand image.

Why use our Product Testing Service in China and Asia ?


  • If you are already using our services for supplier audit in Chinaor quality inspection in Asia we have the capacity to assist you in dealing with your product testing and certification directly from China and Asia. We are not a product testing company but we have direct access to a wide network of accredited and certified laboratories fully capable to test and certify your products for your markets.


  • If you are based overseas you may not have time and ability to coordinate efficiently all parties involved for product testing: suppliers, laboratories, logistics, inspectors. Hence, most of time you may ask your supplier to send directly some sample to a lab and to get back the certificate. Issue with this way to operate is that supplier may give to the laboratory a fully compliant sample made with perfect material while performing mass production with cheaper (aka less compliant) material. Switching material between sample and mass production is common in Asian manufacturing. On this base what you buy may not be compliant with what you signed for. For this reason, having a neutral hand to pick product at the supplier place is essential. During a Factory Audit or a Quality Inspection our inspector can pick sample neutrally and send it to the lab for analysis. You benefit the full neutrality and you enjoy the convenience of the logistic management.


  • As we work with volume for testing you also benefit our usually discounted rate.

See our Product Testing Services in China and Asia

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    • Have one of our expert to give you their opinion about your potential vendor
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  • Softline Testing
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  • Hardline Testing
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    • Complete audit following ISO 9001 standard
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