Quantity Check in China and Asia : Why is it Important ?

Avoid Missing Goods when Buying from China or Asia

Quantity Check in China and Asia : Why Performing ?

Even though quality is one of the main issue found when importing from china, you could face many other issues that would affect an import operation. Final quantity delivered is one of them.

We have regular request from customer asking us to verify that the quantity effectively loaded into container or transmitted to shipping agent are according to the packing list and Purchase Order.

Most of importers who require those verifications have already experienced receiving less products than they should. In this case, their next step is then to play detective to check who is responsible of this lack of quantity: supplier or forwarder. As it’s difficult to find ex post who is to blame, it is usually a waist of time and money.

Avoid Missing Products when Buying from China or Asia : What Solutions

Our services of Container Loading Supervision and Cargo Transportation Inspection in China aims to avoid this kind of situation.

During a Container Loading Inspection operation we monitor the loading and the quantities effectively loaded into the container until it’s sealing ensuring the quantities loaded are according to the packing list. On this base your supplier can not load less product or declare more.

During a Cargo Transportation Inspection we monitor the cargo between the loading until arrival at the freight forwarder warehouse and sometime even until loading on the carrier. It is frequent in Asia that cargo is altered and opened during transit (it can be by delivery people who serve themselves or custom officer)

By performing Quantity Check in China, you can then secure your quantities for small fees and easily counter attack your supplier or freight forwarder in case of lack of product.

And you, what is your experience about quantities missing when importing from China and Asia ?

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