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What To Do After a Failed Quality Inspection In China & Asia

Failed Quality Inspection Report

What to do when a quality inspection fail ?

You have received your quality inspection report and the result is fail.

Here we will detail what to do and how to act step by step.

1./ Analyze the reason of failing a quality inspection

There may are several reasons why a quality control or quality inspection may fail. Among those reasons, the main ones are:

Quantity check : if goods are not ready on time for the inspection then the inspection will be fail because it means the ideal conditions for inspection were not met.

Product appearance: if inspected products are not in conformities with requirement it means the product is not what the buyer is expecting in terms of external appearance

Labeling marking: if labeling or marking is improper then the inspection is fail because considered as non conformity

Packaging : if the packaging is not compliant with buyer expectation then the inspection will fail because considered as non conformity

AQL: if the workmanship is improper and reveal a diffective rate too high then the batch is beyond the aql and the batch quality is considered to be fail for those reason

Test: if testing such as drop test, function check, hi-pot test (for electronic products), aging test and other fail to pass then the inspection will be failed

Now the point is to analyze what made fail the inspection: does this failing point is important for you or not.


2./ How to act with supplier when defectives or non conformities are found

From a buyer stand point there are several ways to deal with it:

a./ Accept to ship at its own risk (happens when buyer is in rush to ship)
b./ Ask supplier for reworking

  • In this case customer can ask for a Re-inspection to be done after the reworking in order to verify the goods have effectively been reworked. Very few suppliers like to reworks their goods because they have already packed everything and they need to unpack again all the goods to check them one by one. This is time consuming and costly in resources, so indirectly this is eating up profit of the manufacturer, usually they don’t like it.
  • Customer can decide to ship the goods at its own risk once the reworking is done by manufacturer if the manufacturer is trusted (we don’t recommend this for the reason explained earlier about why a supplier would not rework the goods)

c./ Ask for discount to supplier and ship the goods quickly
d./ Reject the batch and enter into tough negotiation with supplier to operate refund (rarely doable)

3./ Advices about how to deal with fail inspection

Here a few advices from our expert in quality control about how to deal with failed quality inspection :

1./ Always inspect your goods at least at the end of the production

2./ Prepare your contract properly to integrate the quality risk by linking payment to quality inspection

3./ If your timing is short, then we advice you to anticipate quality risk early in the production by performing an early inspection in the mass production cycle (initial quality inspection, during production inspection, production monitoring)

4./ Pay as less down payment as possible

5./ Include in your contract a clause about what has to be done by manufacturer in case the inspection is failed


And you how do you deal with your fail inspection ? Feel free to comment.

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