Pricing and Options

Our Fees

Country Pricing for Comodities (Main Cities) Pricing for Technical (Main Cities)
Taiwan, Korea, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, Turkey, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka $368 USD/Man-day $688 USD/Man-day
China $288 USD/Man-day $358 USD/Man-day
India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia $288 USD/Man-day $388 USD/Man-day



  • Express Inspection : + $88 USD/Man-day

    We usually inspect within 48 hours in Asia. However for those customers who are in rush and need Express Service we may in some very special case accept to shorten our preparation lead time. It usually involves our resources to work over time at office to speed up the normal process

  • Report the same day:+$58USD/Report

    We always try our best to deliver report as soon as possible. We evaluate our delivery time to be sure within 24hours. However, for those customers who need a faster delivery, we have capability to deliver the same day at extra cost as it may involve our team (inspector and quality reviewer) to work over time.

  • Sunday and Holidays + $98 USD/Man-day

    We inspect and audit suppliers and production in Asia from Monday to Saturday. In some special case customers may need an inspection on Sunday or on National Holidays. We keep possibility to inspect on Sundays and Holidays at extra cost to compensate our staff working on No-working days.

  • Western Inspector:

    +$98 USD/Man-day + Transportation
    Most of our inspections are performed by local inspectors. However, for some very “touchy” inspections or audits some customers may like to have a westerner to inspect on their behalf.
    Western inspectors are located mostly in Hong Kong which is their departure point in case of appointment

  • Nominated Inspector+$98 USD/Man-day + Transportation
    Our inspectors are appointed according to their schedule, location and expertise. Some of customers like to have always the same inspectors for their operation can “Nominate” one inspector. In this case an overcharge is required to book this nominated inspector in priority face to other customers who may have the same need at the same time.

  • Nighttime Overtime: +$38 USD/hours
    Our inspectors and auditors work 8 hours a day. However in some very special case (production delayed, container loaded late) the operation may be over 8 hours, in this case the inspector can keep working more but we will need to compensate his salary accordingly. You will be consulted first in case such situation occur.