China Yarn Inspection, Quality Control, Audit, Testing and Certification

Verify your yarn quality and supplier reliability

China Yarn Inspection

  • Yarn Inspection service in China

  • Asia Quality Control offers professional yarn inspection and testing services  in China and Asia.

    Most products related to yarn or compound quality inspection we cover (without being limited to):

    • Wool
    • Nylon Yarn
    • Silk
    • Cotton
    • Linen
    • Polyester
    • Tweed
    • Acrylic
    • Jute
    • Bamboo Fiber

  • What

    What is special when performing quality inspection for Yarns ?

    Yarns manufacturing involve a real knowledge and expertise because those product mix different materials together and as being a wearable product by people design and construction is very important. There is nothing worse than yarns that are uncomfortable or not usable . The inspectors who are performing yarns inspection for us in Asia have experience in apparel industry. Dimension also play an important role in this kind of item.


    How do we inspect Yarn

    • Most of Yarns inspection focus on the grade of the product, its appearance,  and occasionally require some extra product testing in laboratory to verify the components. Contact us for more information


    Quality Inspection for Yarn

    Inspecting Yarns in China and Asia is strategic to make sure what you are purchasing. Yarns can contain very different type of grade in a same batch. You may have 3% of impurity or 15% depending on the lot you are purchasing. In consequence, when transformation is operated it will cost more or less depending on the purity of your lot.




    Product Testing for Yarn

    • Purity test in China and Asia for Yarn
  • Most of items we inspect

    • Wool inspection
      Lamb’s wool, virgin wool, Merino wool
    • Natural Fiber quality control
      Silk, cotton, linen, and rayon
    • Synthetic yarn inspection
      nylon, acrylic, polyester
    • Specialty Yarn quality control
      Tweed, Marled, Heather, Variegated

Product visual

  • China Yarn Inspection Quality Control Testing

    Wool Yarn

    — Wool and Animal Yarn


  • China Yarn Inspection Quality Control Audit

    Cotton Yarn

    — Cotton and Vegetal Fibers
  • China Yarn Nylon Inspection Quality Control Testing

    Nylon Yarn

    — Nylon and Plastic Yarn


Your product is not in the list ?

We cannot list all the product we have inspected. We probably already inspected your product type. Feel free to contact us for more information

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