China Toys Quality Inspection, Audit, Testing and Certification

Quality Control of Toys and Children Products

Asia Quality Control offers professional inspection and testing services for toys and children products in China & Asia.

Most products related to children products and toys quality inspection we cover (without being limited to):

  • Toy Inspection Services in China

    • Action Figures
    • Bikes, Scooters & Riding Toys Bikes Powered Riding Toys Riding Toys & Wagons Scooters Pedal Cars Skateboards Skates Tricycles
    • Dolls & Stuffed Animals Baby Dolls Collectible Dolls Celebrity & Fashion Dolls Dollhouses Ethnic Dolls Interactive Dolls Miniature Dolls & Play Sets Princess & Fairy Dolls Rag / Soft Dolls Horses & Ponies Stuffed Animals & Toys Toddler Dolls
    • Kids and Baby Clothing
    • Arts & Crafts Supplies Clay, Dough & Modeling Drawing & Coloring Easels / Art Tables Etch A Sketch & Doodle Pro Beads & Jewelry Craft Kits & Supplies Knitting, Weaving & Fabric Paint & Painting Supplies Paper & Boards Stamps & Stamp Sets /Stickers Storage & Organization Fashion & Design Scrapbooking
    • Building Sets & Blocks
    • Baby Shop
    • Collectibles
    • School supplies, learning and educational toys Preschool
    • Electronics
    • Kids’ Room
    • Musical Instruments & sound toys
    • Outdoor Play Summer Shop
    • Party Supplies
    • Pretend Play & Dress-Up
    • Sporting Goods

  • What

    What’s special when performing children products and toys quality inspection ?


    How we perfom quality inspection of toys and children products in China and Asia

    Most of inspection for toys and children products focus on the safety of products in terms of chemicals and materials used; its appearance; correctness of sewing and assembly; presence of hazardous materials, sharp and very small objects; strength and durability; and, occasionally, some extra product testing in laboratory are required to verify the components. Contact us for more information.


    Quality Inspection of Minerals

    Toys and other children products may bring danger to small children and pets at home with all the toxic chemicals and hazardous parts present in some toys. To make sure that they are safe, durable and satisfying to customers, they must undergo a strict quality control process. Our company offers a wide range of toy quality inspection services in China to help both manufacturers and distributors offer only the best products to their clients.


    Supplier Audit for Toys and Children Products


    Children Products and Toys Product Inspection

    Product Inspection

    Sorting and Monitoring


    Product Testing for Toys and Children Products

    • Quality test in China and Asia for materials used in toys and children products
    • Quality inspection services for correctness of paints, assembly and packaging of baby products
    • Toy defectives sorting services in China and Asia
    • Children item product certification services
  • Most of items we inspect

    • Toys inspection
      Testing quality and safety of each toy component and part
    • Toys and children products quality control
      Checking quality and durability of materials
    • Toys and children items quality inspection
      Checking correctness of assembly, packaging and workmanship
    • Children products quality control
      Ensuring safety of chemicals and materials for children’s use

Product visual

  • quality inspection for outdoor summer play toys for children in china and asia

    Children Products

    — Outdoor Play Summer Shop

    Bigger equipment for children’s outdoor play to be assembled in the backyard, patio or school parks

  • children items quality inspection in china baby products testing


    — Dolls and Stuffed Animals

    Dolls and stuffed animals are usually made of fabric, plastic and metallic materials for children to play with.

  • china children items inspection services kid's room items

    Baby Products

    — Kid’s Room Items

    Baby products are made of high-quality, hypoallergenic materials for small children’s sensitive skin.

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