China Homeware Inspection Services in China & Asia

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Quality Control of Homeware

Asia Quality Control offers professional inspection and testing services for homeware in China and Asia.


How do we inspect homeware

  • What

    What special when performing quality inspection for homeware ?

    Performing Quality Control for Homeware in China require to have a seasoned experience of the local ecosystem of the homeware. An inspector without significative experience of the industry would miss the subtility related to all the tricks vendors may have to replace proper parts by defectives one.


    Quality Inspection for Homeware

    Inspection of Homeware in China and Asia is a very common operations as those products directly relate to the brand image they vehicle.



    Product Inspection for Homeware

    Product Inspection

    • Incoming Material Inspection in China and Asia for Homeware
    • Initial Product Inspection in China and Asia for Homeware
    • During Production Inspection in China and Asia for Homeware
    • Pre-Shipment Inspection in China and Asia for Homeware

    Sorting and Monitoring

    • Defective Product Sorting in China and Asia for Homeware
    • Production Monitoring in China and Asia for Homeware


    Product Testing for Homeware

    • Purity test in China and Asia for Homeware
  • Most of items we inspect

    • Alloy homeware inspection
      Usually a mix of different household good
    • Plastic homeware quality control
      Mixed or unmixed plastic homeware
    • Glass homeware quality inspection
      Mixed or unmixed broken glass homeware
    • Leather homeware quality control
      Mixed or unmixed leather homeware

Product visual

  • Metal scrap quality inspection


    Stamped part

    Usually found in the living room of house

  • Plastic Scrap Quality Control Inspection

    Plastic Scrap

    — Recycled plastic

    Mostly used for recycling item, plastic scrap are found in several places of Asia

  • Glass Scrap Quality Control Inspection

    Glass Scrap

    — Broken glass

    Usually found in small pieces after getting broken this glass is heat up to make new glass product such as bottle for wine


Your product is not in the list ?

We can not list all the product we have inspected. We probably already inspected your product type. Feel free to contact us for more information

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