Industrial Equipement and Machinery Quality Inspection

Verify your machinery quality and supplier reliability

China machinery inspection, Industrial Equipment quality control and factory audit

Asia Quality Control offers professional Machineries inspection and testing services in China and Asia.

Most products related to Machinery substance or compound quality inspection we cover (without being limited to):

  • Train gear
  • Mechanism
  • Machine
  • Vehicle
  • Crane
  • Heavy equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Tractors
  • Industrial Juice Presses
  • Pipe Making Machinery
  • Food Processing
  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Industrial and Construction Pipes
  • Meters and Valves
  • Hydro & Coal Power Plants
  • Power Stations
  • Turbines
  • Wind and Solar Generation
  • General Industrial.


  • What

    What is special when performing machinery quality inspection in China ?

    Machinery industry, because being highly technical and involving mostly mechanic knowledge require ressources to have a solid background in mechanical engineering. Inspector performing quality control on machinery  should have not only a good common sense but also some solid experience with mechanical device, assembly, parts (static and dynamic), and an extensive knowledge of materials. Quite often the inspection of machinery require not only to be visual but highly functional because having several mobile parts, aging test is important.


    How do we perform machinery inspection in China

    Most of inspection for machinery focus on the functionality of the machine, the quality and material grade of the parts, the aging affecting the machine over the time, the performances and many other aspects such as appearance, packaging, accessories etc…


    China machinery quality inspection

    China and other asian countries have become a significant place for machinery industrialisation and production. Quite often, asian manufacturers will “get inspired” by western machine makers to built their own machine. They will try to reproduce those western machines in Asia by lowering the cost, so they can sell those machine with a discount mark up and attract potential clients (and become competitor with western manufacturer). To lower those costs and make the price point more attractive, they often need to use cheaper materials, cheaper components.

    Unfortunately, cheaper components may also mean lower quality for those parts, which in turn make the product being less reliable, sometimes less accurate, and to be broken after a shorter period of time that what is should be.

    For this reason, performing quality inspection in China for machinery is highly strategic to make sure what you are purchasing. Machinery can contain very different type of grade for internal parts and a single part failure can affect the whole system, making the whole machine improper to run. So, checking the quality of your machinery before export should be done carefully and should include a large panel of test.


    China supplier audit for machinery


    China product inspection for machinery

    Product Inspection

    Sorting and Monitoring


    China Product Testing for Machinery

    • Function test for machinery
  • Most of items we inspect

    • Machine inspection
    • Vehicle quality control
    • Machinery quality inspection
    • Machinery quality control

Product visual

  • China Machinery Inspection Quality Control Audit

    Mechanical  Quality Control in China

    – Train Gear Inspection in China

    We perform complex machine inspection in China and Asia with our engineer

  • China Machinery Quality Control Inspection Audit

    Vehicle Quality Control in China

    – Tractor Inspection in China

    We have dedicated inspector specialized in inspecting vehicle and heavy equipment

  • China Machine Inspection Quality Control

    Machine Quality Inspection in China

    – Industrial equipment Inspection in China

    Those machines are usually used in industrial environment


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