China Electronic Component Inspection, Quality Control, Audit

Verify your electronic component in China

China electronic component inspection, quality control and factory audit

Asia Quality Control offers professional inspection and testing services for Electronic Component in China and Asia.

Most products related to Electronic Component quality inspection we cover (without being limited to):

  • Battery
  • Welding
  • Electronic Component
  • Chipset
  • Screen
  • Memory card
  • Antenna

  • What

    What is special when performing electronic component quality inspection in China ?

    Electronic component quality inspection requires solid knowledge in the electronic and electrical field. Some defects can appear due to a high number of different parameters: it may comes from the raw material, from the tooling used to shape the mechanical or due to the process (machine settings).


    How do we inspect electronic component in China

    Most of inspection for electronic component focus on the grade of the product, its appearance, and occasionally require some extra product testing in laboratory to verify the specifications and requirement. Contact us for more information


    China quality inspection of electronic component

    Inspecting electronic component in China and Asia is strategic to make sure what you are purchasing. Metal part can have very different type of grade due to the use of different type of material. Compliance with legal regulation of market where the products are sold are also a very high concern.


    China supplier audit for electronic component


    China product inspection for electronic component

    China product inspection

    China Sorting and Monitoring


    China product testing for electronic component

    • Colorimetry
    • Resistance
    • Temperature
    • Dimensioning
    • Humidity
  • Most of items we inspect for mechanical parts

    • Injection molded electronic component inspection
    • Electronic Component quality control
    • Extruded Plastic Parts quality inspection
    • Molded Plastic Parts quality control

Product visual

  • China PCB Inspection Quality Control Testing

    China electronic part quality control

    –  Electronic component inspection

    Electronic component : Printed circuit board

  • Electronic Product Quality Control

    China Electronic product quality control

    — electronic component inspection in China

    Electronic part being processed in China

  • Electronic component Factory Audit

    China electronical supplier audit

    — Electronic factory audit in China

    Electronic factory are present in many location of china


Your product is not in the list ?

We cannot list all the product we have inspected. We probably already inspected your product type. Feel free to contact us for more information

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