Technical and Industrial Product Quality Inspection in China & Asia

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China Technical Part Quality Control, Inspection, Audit, Testing & Certification

Most products related to industrial equipment and technical parts we cover (without being limited to):


What special when performing technical and Industrial product quality inspection ?

  • Inspecting technical material usually require a solid engineering background because most of time complex product need people capable to integrate solid notion of physics, mechanic, chemical, fluidic, thermodynamic, electronics, electromechanical. Those skills are findable of course but they have a cost which can not be the same than for an inspector inspecting basic commodities item.

How do we inspect technical item

For Technical and Industrial Product Quality Inspection and other Equipment checking we will mostly focus on product construction, raw materials used, testing (aging test, assembly test, function test), accurate measurement and dimensioning, component and parts of the bill of material, visual appearance, labelling and packing.

Your product is not in the list ?

We can not list all the product we have inspected. We probably already inspected your product type. Feel free to contact us for more information

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