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BSCI Social Audit is a must to operate if you want to ensure your business partner follows the basic principles of the Code of Conduct.

The importance of having suppliers with good quality standards isn’t secret for any manufacturer. Thinking about it you may consider in a first moment mainly on product quality and compliance to regulations regarding your product. But are these the only concerns regarding suppliers and regulations?

bsci social audit chinaNo. Social audit regarding suppliers’ employees working conditions and social responsibility, often forgotten, should not be neglected.

Much more than the ethical question of having partners who respect human conditions of working, there is also legal implication with labor standards.

Also apart from that, inappropriate conditions of work can increase the risk related to a poor product quality.

In our globalization context and the increased awareness from consumers, it is necessary to put more responsibility on hands of companies.

Ensure that the goods sold by them are made under safe working conditions, to fair wages and respect the basic human rights of people involved in the production. A negative publicity with a brand that does not respect these rules can cause irreversible damage to its marketing image.

BSCI Social Audit: What is It?

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Monitoring System is the European approach to improve social performance in supplier countries through a uniform social standard monitoring approach.

bsci social audit asiaIt is based on labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and other important international regulations like some others national regulations.

This initiative aims at continuously improving the social performance of suppliers, ultimately enhancing working conditions in factories worldwide.

Among some of the key topics, it generates an important supplier database that is open to retailers, importers, and manufacturers.

At the same time it may be a basis to avoid complex multiple audits and provide an excellent starting point for a future SA 8000 certification.

In adherence to standards and regulations, assessments are focused on the following topics:

  • Child labor
  • Collective bargaining
  • Discrimination
  • bsci social audit asiaDocument review
  • Dormitories
  • Environment
  • Freedom of association
  • Harassment and abuse
  • Health and safety
  • Prison or forced labor
  • Wages
  • Work hours

BSCI Social Audit For Your Supplier With Asia Quality Control

With our services for BSCI Supplier Audit in China we cover all requirements regarding standards, where our auditors analyze and assess the supplier in these following steps below:

  1. Audit Pre-screening

Preceding the audit, we ask every processing site to fill in the BSCI Social Audit assessment toward oneself survey. This gives the auditor an early introduction of the industrial facility.

We will then send the supplier an arrangement of the greater part of the archives we presuppose throughout the review – either in your local language or in English.

We likewise require a marked “acceptation form” where you commission us to take pictures of the manufacturing site, conduct private meetings with workers, spare the results in a database, and send the report to BSCI parts.

  1. On-Site Audit

bsci social audit asiaWe lead the review on location at vendor premises. We figure out whether the working conditions are conformed to the rules of the BSCI  Social Audit principles.

Then, verify if  there is satisfaction of the prerequisites of the SA 8000  standard.

The review starts with a commencement meeting, to clarify the point and structure of the test and audit.

Our investigators then assess the site, including the production area, dorms, and cafeteria, meeting executives and different representatives, and check documentation.

At the end of the review, a last meeting is held to explain what is found and how it can be corrected.

  1. Registration and Entry in the BSCI Social Audit System

After the audit supplier receive a written report in English with the test results – including images of the plant. The test results are then entered in the BSCI Database, so other BSCI members can see that you are now successfully BSCI certified.

  1. Renewal of Certification

Should our staff find out during the audit that some conditions have not been met, you are obliged to implement the required corrections as quickly as possible. We will then how effective your measures are during a new on-site audit. We will also document the results of that investigation in the BSCI Database.

  1. Repeat Audit after 3 Years

Your entry in the BSCI system remains valid for three years. With a repeat audit, you can extend your certification for a further three years.

Working with Social Responsibility: Are you prepared?

Organizations that incorporate social responsibility into their strategies now have a socially responsible management established ethical standards in the relationship with its stakeholders, thus adding value to society.

bsci social audit asiaSocial responsibility is one of the pillars in business support, and it is as important as is technology or innovation capacity.

When the company is correctly socially responsible, attracts customers and increases sales potential, generating higher profits for shareholders.

Moreover, it is also today a corporate reputation signal tending to leverage growth.

The certification of this social commitment is counted with an important tool, the audit, which aims to emphasize, above all, the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the company.

Thus, considering all mentioned impacts and potential benefits, be sure to analyze the social situation of your suppliers, and certainly Asia Quality Control will be readily available to assist in this noble investment for your company, suppliers and especially to the people who work to help to make your product a reality.

We are a team of Quality Control Specialists specialized in Quality Check, Vendor Verification, Quality Consulting, Tests and Certifications in China. Our Quality Inspection company has decade of experience in the field of Product Quality Check in China and aim to secure your trading operation all over Asia.
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We are a team of Quality Control Specialists specialized in Quality Check, Vendor Verification, Quality Consulting, Tests and Certifications in China. Our Quality Inspection company has decade of experience in the field of Product Quality Check in China and aim to secure your trading operation all over Asia.

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