Our Core Values

Reliability and Ethics as a Paramount of our Foundation

“People as the keystone of every strong company “

  • Quality Inspection in China People and Process

  • People and System at the center of our success

    • We believe in people. In a such industry were we supply trust, truth and reliability, everything depends on human ability of judgment, honesty and skills. We have built our own training program to make sure our QC staff are well understanding your requirement while respecting international inspection and ethic standard.
    • We believe in system, procedure and discipline. All of those bring a level of control and measurement, and without control and measurement you can not operate an efficient management.
  •  Our Duties

    • Our business is to supply you risk reduction solutions during trade, import and manufacturing process. We excel in risk reduction and risk management operation based on highly qualified resources acting like your own quality staff inspecting, auditing, supporting your vendors on the ground.
    • Although acting independently, with neutrality, objectivity and confidentiality, we endorse our duty to act as your quality department in Asia to secure your procurement operation.
    • We aim to protect you at maximum level in order to lower quality issue which usually affect your finance, time to market, and which impede to grow your business safely and efficiently.
    • Customers contract with us because we supply them with real added value related to quality issue and not just a PDF report with pictures. We are servicing our customer with risk reduction and increased protection when performing procurement operation and manufacturing in Asia. Our company success only depend on reliability because our customers entrust us their locally based production. Indirectly, their financial investment and profit are depending on our capability to protect efficiently their production by highlighting problem before it is too late to see disaster happen.
  • Our Values

    • Reliability in our tasks
    • Integrity in our people
    • Expertise in our inspectors
    • Long-term vision
    • Continual Improvement
    • Efficiency and Excellence
    • We believe in system
    • Reward for performance
    • Our people as asset
    • Result oriented
  • Our Commitment

    • Client first
      Every client is important whatever its size and we strive to serve every request with high objectivity
    • Confidentiality
      Confidentiality and Non Disclosure are essential in our work as this is the guarantee of our customer trust
    • Responsibility
      We handle our tasks in taking care of client business the same as it would be our own business
    • Independence
      Judgement Neutrality is the base of our activity and we make sure result are trustworthy
    • Measurement
      Performance measurement is our strategy at it allow to operate continuous improvement
  • Committed to reliability and ethics

      We believe in reliability more than anything else.

      • We supply trust, protection, transparency, safety for your business, your brand, your image, and in the end your profitability. Because you put in our hand your business, ethics is at the paramount of our business model and it remains one of our top priority. We know the culture and local manner setup in Asia regarding inspection industry.
      • Asia Quality Control firmly strikes and condemn any attempt of bribery or racket process between inspector and supplier. This is not only about writing it for marketing but implementing it in the reality. Our inspectors are regularly sensitized about those aspects. To make sure assignment and business ethics rules are fully implemented and not just heard during training we have established some strategic process to ensure our inspections are not biased by financial temptation.
      • Ethics is not only about bribery issue but also about confidentiality. Naturally, our customers  give us access to part of their assets : their suppliers and manufacturers which they purchase from and which they have invested in sourcing to build their supply chain. We understand the value it represents and we can ensure our customers that no informations are  disclosed to any of our other clients.

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