Inspection Service in China & Asia

Inspect anywhere in Asia within 48 hours

“Supplier Audit, Quality Inspection, Product Testing and Quality Consulting all over Asia “

An efficient network for all your inspections in China & Asia

  • Asia Quality Control efficient network

    • Asia Quality Control strategically deployed, structured and organized its inspection network all over Asia in order to give full access to almost any place at convenient and fast path.
    • Our quality inspectors in China and Asia, factory auditors, and quality consultant are strategically located close to the main manufacturing area in Asia. Now, every of our client can enjoy having their quality control staff in their factory whatever their vendor is in Korea or in Pakistan within 48 hours.
    • In the very special case when quality inspector or factory auditor is nominated or high skills are required, we may send inspectors from one area to the other.
  • Quality Inspection, Supplier Audit, Testing and Consulting in Asia


    Our training process and our system as fuel of our expansion.

          • Asia Quality Control deploy its expertise, experience and methodology trough Asia by supplying its people with structured and organized methodology, regular technical training, automatic feedback loop, fresh update about western market law and regulations.
          • Because we have heavily invested in implementing an efficient training and follow up system for our people, whatever inspections are carried on in China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia or any other countries we are covering, the same level of quality of service to perform our operation are achieved, and this for the only benefit of customers who entrust us their import and manufacturing project. It gives our customer the guarantee to get always the same high level of service wherever the inspector which carry out the verification is the same or not from one inspection to the other one.
          • Today, Asia Quality Control performs inspections operations in more than 30 countries from North East Asia to South West America.
  • Our Advantages

              • Local knowledge
              • Global presence
              • Sector expertise
              • We care your order the same as being ours

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