Quality Control Expert in China & Inspection Specialist in Asia

Professional Quality Control & Quality Assurance in China & Asia

An efficient Team of Quality Control Expert in China and all over Asia to Secure all your Import

  • Our Reason to be

    • Like you, our management team had been involved in trade and manufacturing in Asia long time ago.
    • Like you today, they used to face challenges and obstacles related to quality management in China and Asia when working with factories, vendor, and manufacturers. Spending hours, days and night in asian and Chinese factories to solve issue for their clients they have decided to start Asia Quality Control to help also other people like you by teaching and helping them to secure import and manufacturing in China and Asia
    • They came out with the idea of creating a reliable third party quality inspection company acting as a quality department in Asia for importers, retailers, traders, buying agents, and entrepreneurs to help them with overcome those asian quality obstacles and challenges.
  • Our People

    • We believe in people because in a such industry where we supply trust, truth and reliability, everything depend on human being capacity of judgment, honesty and skills.
    • We excel in risk reduction and risk management operation based on highly qualified ressources acting like your own quality staff inspecting, auditing, supporting your vendors on the ground.
    • We have built our own training program to make sure our qc staff are well understanding your requirement while respecting international inspection standard.

Our Skills

Quality Inspection
Supplier Audit
Quality Consulting
Product Testing

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